LanthaScreen cellular assays are developed to ensure proper pharmacology toward the target of interest.  Each assay provides excellent response profiles, yields a Z´-factor above 0.6, and demonstrates the appropriate EC50/IC50 responses to known agonists or antagonists.  In addition, the cell lines used in LanthaScreen cellular assays are mycoplasma-negative and tested for optimal performance under a variety of experimental conditions.  Our goal is to provide effective tools with robust results to keep your screening program on track.

See the list of available LanthaScreen cellular assays below, along with validation data and assay protocols specific to detection of each post-translational modification.

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Target SubstrateModification DetectedCell Line NameCell Line Cat.#AntibodyValidation PacketCustomer Protocol
AKTPhosphorylation of Ser473LanthaScreen AKT HEK293EK1615LanthaScreen Tb-anti-AKT [pSer473] Antibody
ATF2 (19-106)Phosphorylation of Thr71LanthaScreen ATF2 (19-106) A549K1679BLanthaScreen Tb-anti-ATF2 [pThr71] Antibody
c-Jun (1-79)Phosphorylation of Ser73LanthaScreen c-Jun (1-79) HeLaK1680LanthaScreen Tb-anti-c-Jun [pSer73] Antibody
ERK2Phosphorylation of Thr185/Tyr187LanthaScreen ERK2 U2OSK1587LanthaScreen Tb-anti-ERK2 [pThr185/pTyr187] Antibody
ERK2Phosphorylation of Thr185/Tyr187LanthaScreen ERK2 A375 (B-RAF V600E)K1798LanthaScreen Tb-anti-ERK2 [pThr185/pTyr187] Antibody
IGF-1RPhosphorylation of Tyr ResiduesLanthaScreen IGF-1R GripTiteK1834LanthaScreen Tb-PY20 Antibody
IkBPhosphorylation of Ser32LanthaScreen IkB GripTiteK1681BLanthaScreen Tb-anti-pIkB [pSer32] Antibody
PDCD4Phosphorylation of Ser457LanthaScreen PDCD4 HEK293EK1593LanthaScreen Tb-anti-PDCD4 [pSer457] Antibody
PRAS40Phosphorylation of Thr246LanthaScreen PRAS40 HEK293EK1528LanthaScreen Tb-anti-PRAS40 [pThr246] Antibody
PRAS40Phosphorylation of Ser183LanthaScreen PRAS40 HEK293EK1528LanthaScreen Tb-anti-PRAS40 [pSer183] Antibody
STAT1Phosphorylation of Tyr701LanthaScreen STAT1 U2OSK1469LanthaScreen Tb-STAT1 [pTyr701] Antibody
STAT3Phosphorylation of Tyr705LanthaScreen STAT3 GripTiteK1488LanthaScreen Tb-STAT3 [pTyr705] Antibody
STAT5Phosphorylation of Tyr694/Tyr699LanthaScreen STAT5 TF-1K1598Anti-STAT5 A/B [pTyr694/699] Antibody
STAT5Phosphorylation of Tyr694/Tyr699LanthaScreen STAT5 U2OS (JAK2 V617F)K1588Anti-STAT5 A/B [pTyr694/699] Antibody

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.