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Professor Janet Marshall of Miami University Middletown (Ohio) provided this recent comment regarding the picoSpin NMR lesson plan community pages, "To me, one of the strengths of the lesson plan page is to learn how other educators have developed or adapted organic chemistry experiments to provide a hands-on NMR experience for students. The ease-of-use and low operating cost of the Thermo Scientific picoSpin 45 MHz Spectrometer allows for integration of NMR analysis into the teaching lab with the students (not TAs or instructors) actually operating the instrument and acquiring their own data."

We are also proud to highlight a lesson plan provided by Professors Janet Marshall and Howard Vail from Miami University Middletown (Ohio), Introduction to 1H NMR using the picoSpin 45 MHz NMR Spectrometer.

We hope you enjoy this feature and we look forward to growing building value for the benchtop NMR community.

Our popular NMR Lesson Plans for organic chemistry teaching are now available in the French and German languages.

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