Animal genotype STR kits for capillary electrophoresis

Short tandem repeat (STR) loci, or microsatellites, are a class of nuclear DNA markers consisting of tandem repeated sequence motifs of two to seven base pairs in length. Alleles of STR loci vary by the number of times a given sequence motif is repeated. STR alleles are detected using PCR and by separating the amplification products using electrophoresis. Due to their high level of polymorphism (informativeness) and Mendelian inheritance, STR loci have become the markers of choice for parentage testing and individual identification.

We offer several animal STR genotyping kits for bovine, canine, and equine parentage. These kits contain all the reagents necessary for multiplex amplification of target STR loci, including PCR master mix, fluorescent dye–labeled primer pools, and a control DNA. When multiplex PCR reactions are completed, amplification products are separated and analyzed in a single injection using an automated capillary electrophoresis instrument. Markers in these kits have been preoptimized to perform robustly for signal height and allele discrimination.

Key features include:

  • Simple, fast workflow that can be easily completed in <1 day
  • Community-accepted markers by ISAG or breed consortiums for animal parentage
  • Easy interpretation of allele calls
  • Economical, fit-for-purpose approach

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