Targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) is the latest innovation in genomics-assisted breeding programs. Targeted GBS uses a powerful multiplexed approach that enables users to interrogate hundreds to thousands of markers across hundreds to thousands of samples simultaneously. It includes NGS-based assays designed using customer-provided markers or catalog panels designed with publicly available markers.


  • Marker-assisted selection and breeding
  • Parentage and traceability


  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost effective
  • Simplified data analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two targeted genotyping by sequencing solutions:

The table below highlights the key features of our Applied Biosystems AgriSeq and Eureka technologies as approaches to targeted GBS. Key differences between the two technologies include sequencing chemistries and the ability to discover new variants.

  AgriSeq targeted GBS solutions Eureka targeted GBS solutions
Requires Ion Torrent instrument Yes No
SNPs per panel 50–5,000 50–3,000
Ability to discover new variants Yes No
Expected call rates* –95% –95%
Processing time 2 days 2 days
Panel design 2–6 weeks for custom panel design Up to 12 weeks
Sample throughput/week Up to 7,680** Up to 20,000**
Cost per sample Low Low

* Depends on level of genome annotation.  ** Based on panel size with one instrument and one technician.