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Optimize data integrity during scale up and tech transfer

Consistent, accurate data management plays an important role for organizations in bioprocessing process development and scale-up. Dedicated data management platforms and automation solutions are a vital component of data governance, and Thermo Fisher Scientific offers flexible software solutions hosted on the trusted Emerson DeltaV platform—to help manage your mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation processes.

Using our solution helps to mitigate risks during all stages in biopharmaceutical scale up and expansion. Efficient, process-specific measuring of critical parameters as well as the aggregation of this data enables you to get your final product to market quickly. This allows you to focus on your process optimization and scale-up, rather than worry about the tools to manage and automate process controls.

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Intuitive, customized data management

The foundation of efficient data management is the usage of a robust platform that’s easy-to-use, intuitive, and configurable. We have developed our TruBio software, G3 bioprocess controllers, and sensing technologies to enable users to optimize data acquisition, while maintaining full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Automation and data management

Featured automation and control solutions

TruBio automation software platform

Bioprocess Automation Software

Aggregating data and establishing a robust, scalable data management environment allows users to perform vital process functions, while maintaining data that can be easily interpreted and saved for later use. When your business needs to adapt and grow, the data collected by our Thermo Scientific TruBio software can easily be extracted and integrated for use with newer, larger systems—allowing you to use historical data in the scaled up process.

HyPerforma G3 Bioprocess Controllers

HyPerforma G3 Bioprocess Controllers

These controllers provide ease of data transferability and scalability throughout your process. This series incorporates innovative features that enhance productivity, quality and reproducibility required to optimize any process. Integrating flexibility and open-architecture, this platform allows the use of third-party vessels, as well as the Thermo Scientific HyPerforma Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.). Thermo Scientific TruBio software, effective control and process automation is sophisticated, powerful, and reliable.

TruFluor and TruTorr sensor platforms

Single-Use and Sterilizable Sensors

The Thermo Scientific TruFluor and TruTorr sensor platforms are highly configurable, seamlessly integrated into the BPC and user-friendly. Thermo Scientific sensors are capable of controlling and monitoring bioreactor system product environments from research to production-scale applications—helping to provide robust data transferability and ease of scale-up for the end user.

Bioprocessing resources

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