Thermo Scientific Mixer portfolio

We offer two main mixing platforms that address the needs of proper preparation of media, buffers, and other process liquids. These are designed for the liquid/liquid and powder/liquid mixing of media, buffers, intermediates, final products, process liquids, and suspensions—with all the benefits of single-use technology. Our mixing systems are based on two different yet efficient mixing systems—a bottom-driven impulse mixing system, and a top-down driven mixing system based on traditional stainless steel mixing principles.

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Featured single-use mixing products

  • Linear scalability from 30 L to 5,000 L
  • Bottom-mounted mixing disc technology
  • Optional low ceiling heights
  • Available with all main film platforms
  • Customizable options available
  • Low-cost media and buffer prep
  • Self-contained mixing
  • Limited floor space
  • Customizable options available
  • Top-down, stirred-tank and bottom-mounted mixing disc technology available

Benefits of Thermo Scientific mixing platforms

By choosing our mixing platforms you can enjoy many benefits:

  • Three main film platforms—Aegis5-14, CX5-14, and ASI 26/77, each of which integrates with all our mixing platforms
  • Mixing from 30 L to 5,000 L or any size in between
  • The choice of mixer that best meets your application needs (e.g., buffer prep, high-viscosity mixing, etc.)
  • Selection between standard configurations or customized hardware systems and BioProcess Containers (BPCs)
  • A mixing system that will fit your facility consideration as it relates to system mobility, shape, and ceiling height
  • Touchscreen Console provides ease of use with multi-functional capabilities to monitor and control mixing parameters

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Cytovance Testimonial Single-Use Technologies

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a key partner in establishing manufacturing and development capabilities, enabling Cytovance to expand offerings, to better serve clients.

Single-Use integration

Our S.U.M.s combine conventional mixing design with all the benefits of single-use technology for a variety of upstream and downstream applications, ranging from media and buffer preparation to viral inactivation to cell resuspension. Our single-use mixing products incorporate specifically designed:

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