HCS image showing assay features as an overlay

Assay protocols and automated analysis

High-content screening (HCS) or high-content analysis (HCA), reports quantitatively on parameters such as individual cell or organelle morphology and spatial distribution of targets. Invitrogen fluorescent reagents are the preferred tools for labeling and detection of cellular targets. Thermo Scientific HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software is used with images from EVOS FL Auto 2 or Thermo Scientific HCA platforms to help you combine those parameters and build applications that answer complex biological questions.

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Interview with Dr Kaylene Simpson, Peter MacCallum Cancer Center

Dr Simpson describes their research using high content imaging to examine RNA in cancer cells.

3D Culture Screening

Michael Johnson and his team at Visikol talk about the work they do as a contract research organization on 3D Cell Cultures and how they utilize High-Content Analysis / Screening to generate insights.

Dependable Cell-based Assays

James Evans, CEO of PhenoVista Biosciences, explains the value of cell-based assays in drug dscovery for both small biotech and top-ten pharma companies, and the key success factors for a CRO offering phenotypic screening as a service.

Imaging Assays with Co-cultured Cells

Anthony Essex, CTO of PhenoVista Biosciences, describes the use of primary neurons in cell-based assays and the value of combining different types of primary cell lines in a single assay to come closer to recapitulating normal human physiology.

Applications for EVOS FL Auto 2 and Thermo Scientific HCA platforms