An Emerging Global Solution

Few things are certain in life, but one constant remains: a finite supply of fossil fuels cannot sustain the needs of a world population of 7 billion people. The need for biofuels is rapidly evolving at a global scale.

The Answers

With a limited natural supply and a growing global demand,synthetic biology provides emerging, alternative energy solutions. We’re partnering with the industry’s most forward-thinking organizations and employing the most innovative, rigorous, and robust tools on the market to provide comprehensive solutions to the biofuel industry to develop, optimize, and mass produce new, renewable energy sources.

Engineering Clean, Sustainable Energy Alternatives

Life Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services designed for metabolic engineering, enabling a more effective approach to optimizing organisms and bioproduction pathways, empowering the development of biofuels, energy crops, biobased chemicals, and CO2 sequestration methods.

Genes and genetic tools for improved energy crops

  • Tailored bioenergy crops
  • Crop productivity and protection
  • Stacked traits

Pathway engineering tools, techniques, and biodesign software foroptimized microbial conversions

  • More efficient pathways
  • More robust and productive microbial hosts
  • Increased tolerance for products and resistance to inhibitors

Optimized hosts fordrop-in end-products

  • Tailored end-products
  • Enabled pathways for the production of drop-in fuels
  • Biofuels (i.e., diesel and jet fuel)
  • Biobased chemicals (i.e., alcohols, acids, and olefins)

Products & Services for Biofuels Research

Are You Working With Plants?

If you are working with plant species as a source of renewable energy, Life Technologies has all you need to empower your plant science research. Explore our solutions for De novo and transcriptome sequencing, plant genotyping, QTL mapping, plant genetic engineering and more here.


Plant Resources

Supporting Biofuel Research and Production Across all Platforms

Biofuel ResearchBiofuel ResearchBiofuel ResearchBiofuel Research
Seeds or grains of edible
food crops such as corn,
rapeseed, palm, and
Specialized nonfood
crops and plants such
as Jatropha and
Waste biomass including
stalks and wood chips

Inspired, Connected, and Driven Partnerships

The synthetic biology group at Life Technologies understands that progress does not happen in isolation. Biofuel industry leaders look to us for the innovation and expertise to make biofuels a global reality, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss different forms of collaboration and strategic partnerships.

sg biofuels 

Genome sequencing and next-generation biofuels

From medicinal use to biofuels,the relatively small seeds of Jatropha curcas carry huge impact. Life Technologies and SG Biofuels, Inc., a bioenergy crop company, partnered to complete the sequencing of the Jatropha curcas genome to 100x coverage, using the SOLiD® 4.0 System. The sequence significantly accelerates the identification of key traits for the oilseed-producing crop and advances its development. Resistant to drought and pests, and able to thrive in locations not desirable for food crops, these oil-packed, nonedible seeds are a high-yield, lowcost source for next-generation biofuels.

Synthetic Genomics    

Investing in innovation

Life Technologies made equity investments in Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (SGI), and a representative now sits on the board of directors of the private company. SGI’s main areas of focus include the development and commercialization of solutions for synthetic gene and genome construction, bioenergy, food and nutritional products, next-generation vaccines, agriculture, and clean water. SGI have partner programs in the bioenergy space with Exxon Mobil and BP.


From research to implementation

In partnering with the San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology (SD-CAB)
at the University of California, San Diego, Life Technologies is supporting the
development of innovative, sustainable, and commercially viable algae-based
biotechnology solutions for energy, green chemistry, bioproducts, water
conservation, and CO2 abatement challenges.

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