Synthetic biology application range from life sciences research to biofuel research

From investigating the behaviors of cancerous cells to minimizing the carbon footprint, the potential of synthetic biology is both broad and inspiring. We strive to help researchers meet the needs of life science research and key applied market areas.


Optimization of genes, microorganisms & plants for efficient conversion of feedstock into biofuels.
 Industrial EnzymesIndustrial Enzymes
Technology, services and tools to optimize enzyme activity, yield and quality for better food, detergents & more.
Antibody ProductionVaccine & Antibody Production
Close work with the industry to improve the therapeutic pipeline and success rate of experiments and trials. Also focus on illness prevention, such as vaccines.
 Bio-Based ChemicalsBio-Based Chemicals
Empowering solutions from nature: renewable approaches to chemicals, plastics and textiles with less impact on the environment.
Plant SciencesPlant Sciences
Integrated platforms and technologies to enable sequence-to-function plant analysis. Genetic tools to produce particular phenotypes or traits in silico.
 Synthetic Biology Life Science ResearchSynthetic Biology Life Science Research
Our systems, consumables and services are wholly dedicated to one simple goal: improving the human condition.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.