GeneArt Gene Synthesis GeneArt Gene Synthesis
Combining the convenience of the Invitrogen online ordering system, with cutting-edge GeneArt service offerings.
  Custom DNA Oligos Custom DNA Oligos
A variety of scales, formats, modifications, and purifications to meet your cloning needs.
GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments GeneArt Strings DNA Fragments
Custom-made linear, double-stranded DNA fragments up to 3,000 bp in length.
  GeneArt Seamless Cloning & Assembly GeneArt Seamless Cloning & Assembly
Expert Vector Construction with GeneArt Seamless Cloning & Assembly tools.
GeneArt Precision TALs Products and Services GeneArt Precision TALs Products and Services
Custom DNA-binding proteins for accurate DNA targeting and precise genome editing.
  GeneArt Site-Directed Mutagenesis GeneArt Site-Directed Mutagenesis
Simple, convenient, and highly efficient means to generate mutations.
GeneArt Algae Engineering Kits GeneArt Algae Engineering Kits
Algae Engineering Kits save time required for strain optimization.
  Ultimate ORF Clones Ultimate ORF Clones
Full-insert sequenced open reading frames (ORFs) of human and mouse clones.
Gateway Cloning Technology Gateway Cloning Technology
Gateway recombination cloning technology allows gene shuttling, enabling you to access virtually any expression system.