How to isolate the mRNA transcriptome in 15 minutes with Dynabeads mRNA direct kits

15 minute mRNA isolation protocols are made possible by magnetic Dynabeads coupled with Oligo(dT)25. Dynabeads mRNA isolation beads specifically capture mRNA molecules from virtually any crude lysate.  Magnetic bead handling and consistent results makes Dynabeads mRNA Direct Kits the best choice for automated mRNA Isolation

There is no need to isolate total RNA when the desired molecule is mRNA

Only 1–5% of the Total RNA content of cells is actually mRNA. Dynabeads mRNA purification kits and technologies target only the mRNA molecules and pull them directly out of solution. Compare this to Total RNA purification methods where up to 80% of the RNA yield is ribosomal RNA. Dynabeads mRNA purification kits isolate the mRNA Transcriptome you need free of contaminating ribosomal RNA, tRNA, miRNA, siRNA, non-Poly-A RNA and pre-processed RNA.

Dynabead magnetic mRNA isolation cited in over 5,000 publications

Dynabeads mRNA purification methods have been proven to be extremely versatile, sensitive and consistently reliable. Dynabeads mRNA Direct Kits capture just the transcriptome and are the preferred choice upstream of all applications that depend on the robust and sensitive isolation of extremely pure mRNA.

Whether you are isolating the mRNA Transcriptome for Next Generation Sequencing or simply interested in mRNA isolation for cDNA synthesis and cloning, the Dynabeads mRNA Direct Kits give you a representative, ultra-pure and highly reproducible window into the mRNA Transcriptome.

Yields from a total RNA prep in a magnetic Isolation

Highest transcriptome recovery

  • Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis
  • Pure, intact and full length gene transcripts
  • Robust and unbiased isolation of all poly-A transcripts
  • Create a cDNA library from a single cell or a whole tissue
  • Direct mRNA capture allows for higher yields and protocol scaling

Dynabeads make the difference

  • Column-free system
  • Physical mRNA capture on mobile magnetic beads
  • Rapid and gentle magnetic handling procedures
  • No mRNA lost during high g-force spins
  • No mRNA trapped in column membranes during elution

Versatile elution options

  • Elution in any volume down to 5 uL
  • mRNA Transcriptome elution is optional:
    • Enzymatic reactions in downstream procedures are not inhibited by the presence of Dynabeads
    • Can synthesize cDNA directly on the beads to create areusable solid-phase cDNA library
    • Can perform qRT-PCR directly on the bead-bound cDNA for sensitive quantitative analysis of the entire transcriptome down to the level of a single isolated cell

mRNA transcriptome isolation from:

  • Yeast
  • Cultured Cells
  • Fecal matter
  • Plant, Animal & Insect Tissue
  • Single Isolated Cell
  • Serum, Plasma, Blood
  • BAL - Bronchoalveolar lavage
  • CSF - Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Samples stored in Trizol
  • Any Eukaryotic Total RNA Preparation
  • Serum with Viral poly A+ RNA (eg. HIV)
  • FFPE Tissues
  • FFPE Sections and Others

Compatible downstream applications:

  • Microarray
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Next Gen Sequencing
  • cDNA library construction
  • cDNA library from a single cell
  • Solid-Phase cDNA Library construction
  • Subtractive Hybridization
  • Primer Extension
  • RPA - Ribonuclease Protection Assay
  • RT-PCR
  • qRT-PCR and Others

How direct magnetic mRNA isolation using Dynabeads works

The method relies on A-T base pairing. Short sequences of oligo-dT are covalently bound to the surface of the Dynabeads and will hybridize to the polyA tail of mRNA, allowing simple and rapid magnetic isolation (15 minutes). RNase inhibition together with stringent hybridization and washing steps ensure the isolation of pure, intact mRNA from crude samples, without the use of strong chaotropic agents.

The protocol is sensitive, flexible and can easily be scaled up or down to suit specific sample sizes, even down to single cells. This allows the detection of mRNA by RT-PCR from highly specialized cells. The isolated mRNA can be eluted in very small volumes and is suitable for use in all molecular biology applications. It is not necessary to elute the target off the beads since they do not interfere with downstream enzymatic reactions. The bead-bound oligo-dT can serve as a primer for reverse transcription and synthesis of first-strand cDNA, allowing direct RT-PCR and the construction of solid-phase cDNA libraries.
The inherent benefits of magnetic handling allow for easy washing, separation and concentration of bead-bound material without any need for centrifugation or columns. The lack of magnetic remanence combined with the excellent dispersion abilities also meet the demands required for automated systems and microfluidics.

These Dynabeads are available as stand-alone beads and as part of mRNA isolation kits with buffers and solutions for easy mRNA transcriptome isolation.

How dynabeads mRNA isolation works

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.