Automated instruments provide high quality Total RNA ready for downstream analysis

More laboratories than ever are engaged in high-throughput applications where processing large numbers of samples poses a challenge. Many of these processes call for repetitive execution of standard laboratory procedures requiring precision and reproducibility—processes that could be efficiently performed by liquid handling robots.

To address this need, we have assembled a team of scientists dedicated to adapting Ambion products for direct use with robotic systems. We are working to optimize the protocols, types of materials, and component quantities for use with several of the most common robotic systems. Here, we present products for the automation of the isolation of both total and poly(A) RNA, direct RT-PCR from cell lysates without RNA isolation, and clean-up of RNA, including in vitro–transcribed RNA.

Ambion MagMAX Express demonstration

See a preview of the Ambion MagMAX Express Magnetic Particle Processor. The instruments are designed to simplify sample preparation steps in your lab.

Quick links for automated RNA extraction

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.