Hot Plate Stirrers

Hot plate stirrers are popular lab tools, offered in basic, standard and advanced models. Basic models have good quality, reliability and performance, standard models come with digital display and control, as well as accurate temperature and speed control with safety protection and Advanced models feature additional timer and programmable functionality. Our hot plate stirrers are for use with all applications in the general lab.

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User InterfaceAnalogDigitalDigital
Save Settings  
Hot Top Warning Light (Safety Feature) 
Quick Heat-up Time to Max Temp  
Accuracy of Temp and RPM Setting Within +/-1 degreeWithin +/-1 degree
Slow Speed Capability 
Removable PlugRound Top Only 
Over Temp Protection
Temperature Probe Option 

Single Point Hot Plate Stirrers

Single point hotplate stirrers are available in basic, standard and advanced models, offering various top plate materials and multiple sizes for all applications in the general lab. 

Multi Point Hot Plate Stirrers

Multi point hot plate stirrers are ideal for high-volume, high-performance processing and life science/biotechnology applications as well as labs with multiple users.

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