Floor Model Centrifuges

Powerful performance, exceptional simplicity.

Thermo Scientific™ floor model centrifuges offer a wide range of choices excellent for settings from academic research labs to industrial production facilities. These models combine high performance with ease of operation, enhanced by a selection of rotors designed for specific applications or for maximum flexibility.  


Large capacity centrifuges feature enhanced ergonomics and can spin the volumes required for high throughput blood banking, and dedicated models are available for bioprocessing. Versatile superspeed models meet the varying needs for speed and capacity in multi-user labs. Space-saving ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges provide the highest speeds for fast separation of small-volume samples. All models have been designed for simplicity and efficiency, yet feature sophisticated hardware and software to meet the challenges of current and future applications.

Meet our family of centrifuges


Floor model centrifuge capabilities

Breakthrough simplicity

Automatic rotor ID and stored protocols for fast setup of runs, along with visual sample balancing, are just a few ways these centrifuges simplify spins.

Dedicated or flexible use

Whether you perform a single critical application or multiple tasks, you can find a floor model and configuration to match your needs.

Comprehensive choice of rotors

Floor model centrifuge rotors offer the capacities, speeds, and RCFs you need, with unique carbon fiber material and durability for reliable performance run after run.  

Efficient, safe operation

Features such as Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange and automatic door opening save time, are operator friendly, and promote productivity, while biocontainment promotes safety.

Smart software

Floor model centrifuges offer more ways to operate, monitor, collect data, and simplify compliance with built-in and optional software apps.

Meet the floor model centrifuges

See simplicity and performance in action and explore the capabilities of our floor model centrifuges.