Centrifuge Solutions for Bioprocessing

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers robust solutions for cleaner, faster, higher yield bio separation across all applications ranging from R&D to large scale production of biologics, recombinant protein, vaccines, cell therapies, veterinary medicines, and biofuels. Accelerate your process from discovery to commercialization with enhanced harvest, clarification, and purification techniques including single-use, sterilized centrifuge solutions, thus ensuring sample security and higher throughput.

Bioprocessing Workflow Solutions

Step 1

Harvesting: Separating and collecting the product of interest from the culture media

Step 2

Clarification: Removing of liquid from the product of interest

Step 3

Purification and concentrating the product of interest

Features of bioprocessing centrifuges


High capacity rotors Centri-Touch interface Auto-Door and Auto-Lid technology Flexibility to scale

Maximize productivity and performance with high-capacity centrifuges that offer state-of-the-art carbon fiber rotors and the flexibility to accommodate a variety of swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors to process a variety of products in tubes, bags or bottles. The large, bright Centri-Touch interface on Sorvall BIOS bioprocessing centrifuges makes it easy to program routines and access all key centrifuge functions. Real-time connectivity with the Centri-Vue app lets you monitor protocols and centrifuge status on your smart device for peace of mind and improved productivity. Enhanced ergonomics with a space- and energy-saving design. Auto-Door and Auto-Lid technology lets you open and close the centrifuge door and the rotor lids with the press of a button. Our centrifuges for bioprocessing also provide exceptional energy savings without compromising performance, thanks to high-capacity Thermo Scientific Eco-Spin Windshielded rotors. These lightweight, corrosion-resistant rotors help optimize everyday centrifuge use. The flexibility to scale up your bioprocessing centrifugation.
High-capacity industrial centrifuge models help you scale up your lab processes. These heavy-duty options are ideal for research, development, and small-volume production of biopharmaceuticals.

Which bioprocessing centrifuge is right for you?




Sorvall BIOS 16 Sorvall BIOS A Sorvall LYNX Series Sorvall WX+ Series  Sorvall CC40 Series

Expand your batch production capacity and cell recovery without capital investment.

Higher g-force and capacity to enhance your batch production capability. Fast and efficient separation of cell cultures from bioreactors or other sources, at high g-forces, while simplifying productivity, safety and reliability. Up to 100,000 rpm performance in small footprint to maximize space in your lab.

Purify large-value samples such as vaccines.


16L (8x2000mL bottles)

10L (10x1000mL bottles)

6L (6x1000mL bottles)

1.35L max sediment

1.69L max sediment

8.0L max sediment

Max Speed for Bioprocessing
5,400rpm 6,250rpm 20,000rpm 32,000rpm


Max RCF for Bioprocessing
8,500 x g 12,000 x g 42,931 x g 102,000 x g 118,000 x g
Application cell types
Mammalian, yeast, bacteria Mammalian, yeast, bacteria Yeast, bacteria, proteins Virus, proteins Virus, proteins

Accessories for bioprocessing centrifuges

Rotors, buckets, adapters, and lids

Maximize throughput, convenience, and performance with the accessories specifically designed for your rotor and application. Choose from a wide selection of adapter shapes and sizes for both swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors, and buckets for swinging bucket rotors.  

CentriPAK Bioprocessing Container

Designed specifically for use with the Thermo Scientific Sorvall BIOS 16 Centrifuge with 6 x 2000 mL and 8 x 2000 mL swinging bucket rotors, the Thermo Scientific CentriPAK BPC protects samples by offering a complete, closed-system solution for the entire bioprocessing workflow. CentriPak’s single-use, gamma-irradiation sterilized design eliminates the post-use cleaning steps that are required with traditional reusable containers.

SteriBIOS bottles for bioprocessing

Thermo Scientific SteriBIOS 2-liter bottles are the ideal solution for harvesting large volumes in our bioprocessing centrifuges. Minimize cross contamination and harvest up to 16 liters in a single run with these bottles in either single use or autoclavable options. Bottles available as standard version or in sterilized (according to ISO 11137-1 & 11137-2) option. They are TSE/BSE transmission free and USP class VI compliant and non-cytotoxic to fit any single use applications that needs sample security

Fiberlite bottles

Thermo Scientific Fiberlite bottles are designed to maximum the performance of Thermo Scientific™ centrifuges. Options include 1000 mL, 500 mL and 250 mL bottles in both polypropylene copolymer (PPCO) and polycarbonate (PC). Aluminum caps improve chemical resistance to phenol solutions. Fiberlite centrifuge bottles are designed for the speeds and RCFs of our superspeed and large capacity centrifuges that are ideal for bacterial yeast isolation and viral harvesting.


Centri-Log Plus Software

Thermo Scientific Centri-Log Plus data management software provides real-time data, centralized device monitoring, and secured user-access control. It also supports regulatory and auditing activities for GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance—a critical focus for labs in regulated environments such as blood banking and bioprocessing. Software validation package and service available upon request. Seven operation languages are selectable.  

Centri-Vue App

Thermo Scientific Centri-Vue app supports walkaway operation, so you can find and select a centrifuge, start and stop a run, check errors and run status, and know when the run has been completed—all without leaving the office or lab space. The software replicates the centrifuge’s main screen on a smart device for easy monitoring. 







Application Notes

Miscellaneous Documents

For Laboratory Use. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for customers’ specific uses or applications.