Which floor model centrifuge is best for you?

Thermo Scientific™ floor model centrifuges span a range of applications from large-volume blood processing, research and industrial scale bioprocessing, to complex density gradient separations of DNA. There are four categories of floor model centrifuges, each of which offers a portfolio of versatile rotors.


Select a model optimal for a dedicated application or one for flexibility in a lab with multiple users and tasks. Built-in software simplifies control and monitoring of runs. You can choose configurations for capacity, speed, and footprint, automatic identification of rotors, and extra ruggedness.  

Floor model centrifuge selection table









Large capacity



Typical applications
High-performance applications in cell biology, drug discovery, nanotechnology Multiple cellular and subcellular separations, research, downstream bioprocessing Blood banking,research Cell harvesting, collection, clarification, purification, and concentration, vaccine production, density gradient separations
Max. capacity
6 x 250 mL bottles
6 x 1,000 mL bottles

16 x 500 mL (blood bags)

8 x 2,000 mL (bottles)

8 x 2,000 mL bottles
Performance (Max. speed, Max. RCF)

150,000 rpm

1,048,680 x g

29,000 rpm

100,605 x g

5,400 rpm

8,500 x g

6,250 rpm

12,000 x g


5,400 rpm

8,500 x g

Compatible rotors
More than 35 optional, including swinging bucket, fixed angle, vertical and neo angle, and continuous flow/zonal Swinging bucket, fixed angle for large capacity, high speed, high RCF, and continuous flow/zonal Large capacity swinging bucket, fixed angle, and application specific Large capacity swinging bucket, and fixed angle
Benchtop configuration
--- --- ---
Auto rotor ID
--- With compatible rotors With compatible rotors
Display type
Touchscreen Centri-Touch™ touchscreen
Heavy duty version
--- ---
Water cooled version


Table Key


Max. capacity: describes the total volume you can spin during each run.


Performance: determined by the combination of the centrifuge and the rotor. A function of the maximum speed in rpm and relative centrifugal force (RCF or g force) needed for your application.

Explore models

Once you have found the category of floor model centrifuge that meets your needs, you can explore different models and select the one that fits perfectly into your lab.