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Set the standard for quality and productivity in the lab with our floor model centrifuges. For high-speed or high-capacity sample processing, our advanced superspeeds, ultras, micro-ultras and large capacity floor model centrifuges meet your critical research needs. 

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With up to 100,000 x g performance and maximized capacity up to 6 liters, plus the application flexibility of an extensive rotor portfolio, our high speed centrifuges, simplify performance at every turn. Shorten run set-up time and increase rotor security with breakthrough Thermo Scientific rotor innovations including Auto-Lock rotor exchange, Auto-ID instant rotor identification and lightweight and durable Fiberlite carbon fiber rotors.

Combining outstanding speed, safety and ergonomics in a compact design, our ultracentrifuges and micro-ultracentrifuges are designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for processing applications. With speeds of up to 100,000 rpm, our ultracentrifuges are specially designed for high-performance applications in cellular biology, drug discovery, nanotechnology and others.

Dependable and easy to use, our large capacity centrifuges offer advanced functionality for reproducible separations. Especially ideal for high-throughput blood banking and bioprocessing applications, an integrated system of equipment, rotors, accessories and service helps to maximize your productivity and protect sample integrity.

Our centrifuges for bioprocessing are built to help ensure processing safety, quality control and traceability for GMP compliance. They can be used specifically for large-volume processing—up to 8 x 2 L bioprocessing bottles per run at speeds up to 8,500 x g—and can be easily used in a variety of applications, including density gradient separations, cell harvesting and vaccine production.

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