Eureka myDesign custom panels feature:

  • Flexible content: Fully customizable panels focused on your variants of interest, in any species. Keep up with recent discoveries by adding new content as needed.
  • Targeted content: All informative loci are targeted across all samples and manufacturing batches.
  • Partnership: Collaborative engagements with our bioinformaticians to develop a myDesign panel.
  • High quality: Accurate and reproducible with every manufactured batch of Eureka myDesign panels.

Advantages of Eureka myDesign panels

  • Fast-track focused studies on specific variants of interests, relevant to certain traits, disease states, not covered in catalog products
  • Enable studies of species not covered in pre-designed products
  • Enable study of a small number of variants in a rapid and affordable manner


Eureka myDesign panels include:

Eureka™ 1.0 Reagent Kit enables genotyping of SNPs and indels on Eureka myDesign panels for up to 384 samples.

Eureka™ Analysis Suite manages samples, ensures next-generation sequencing index combination integrity, and enables genotyping data analysis with a single software package.

Create your own targeted genotyping by sequencing panel for parentage, traceability, marker-trait association, and other routine purposes. Eureka myDesign panels offer an optimal solution for high-throughput sample processing against targeted content.

Description Unit size Cat. No.

Eureka 1.0 Reagent Kit

Includes all reagents to process 384 reactions    19585

Eureka Consumables Kit

Includes consumables required to process 3,840 reactions    902911

Eureka myDesign Panel for Agrigenomics

Includes design and development of a genotyping by sequencing panel containing 100 to 3,000 markers    000922

Eureka Genotyping Services myDesign Panel

Includes processing of Eureka™ myDesign™ Panel. Minimum order size 5,000 samples    000923

Eureka myDesign Genotyping Panel

Includes one panel containing 100 to 3,000 markers    000924