A tool for transferring and sharing GeneChip data

The new GeneChip™ Data Transfer Tool (DTT) is a wizard-driven application. It will lead you through the process of creating DTT Archive, Flat, or CAB files and enables the sharing of GeneChip data across GeneChip systems with different versions of GeneChip Software. This new tool combines the previous GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) features of Import, Export, Backup, and Restore into a single intuitive user interface and is accompanied by an online help system with complete, easy-to-follow instructions.

The DTT tool should be used when sharing GeneChip data between GCOS users or to share GCOS-generated data with Microarray Suite (MAS) 5.0 and higher systems. Additionally, DTT must be used when transferring GCOS v1.2 (or higher) — generated data to other GCOS users or to users of MAS 5.0 and higher.

DTT v1.1 is automatically installed with GCOS v1.4 and is compatible with all previous versions of GCOS. We recommend that all GCOS users download and install DTT v1.1.1, available through the link below, to correct issues discovered in previous releases.

GeneChip Data Transfer Tool (DTT) download:

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Benefits of DTT archive and flat file formats vs. CAB

  • Faster performance with operations are at least 2X faster
  • Reduction in space requirements — space necessary to perform operations decreases approximately 3-fold
  • Enhanced synchronization — conflict resolution wizard launches if any incompatibility arises with any:
    • Templates, usersets, experiments, samples, projects, data, data files, fluidic scripts, library files, or scans

For the reasons outlined above, we strongly urge customers to utilize the DTT archive or flat file formats instead of the CAB file format.

GCOS Server Users: Please note that in a GCOS Server environment, DTT must be installed on both the GCOS Server and GCOS Client(s).

Note: GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) manages GeneChip data through a database, as opposed to a flat file system. Researchers who wish to transfer or share data with other users must transfer all data and database attributes (scanning information and experiment information). In order to do this, users must utilize DTT.