GeneChip™ Sequence Analysis Software (GSEQ) enables scientists to perform comparative sequencing by providing high-quality sequence information and automatic detection of SNP sites in a single analysis package. GSEQ provides an integrated analysis workflow to enable high-content, high-throughput, and accurate sequencing applications.

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  • Automated base calling with > 90 percent call rates and >99.9 percent accuracy
  • Reporting of call rate by sample and by individual fragment
  • Automatic assignment of base calls with editing and edit tracking
  • Detailed analysis of no-calls through display of force call and no call criteria
  • Alignment and display of sequences from multiple samples
  • Display of genomic positions and PCR start/stop positions
  • SNP viewer with graphical display summarizing SNP calls by samples at SNP sites
  • Trace view of probe intensities in the context of adjacent bases
  • File sets allow customized groupings of samples from multiple projects
  • Flexible export options: Export FASTA format of all sequences or of SNPs only

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