Uniquely designed for when precision is paramount

The new Applied Biosystems MicroAmp 8-Tube Strip with attached optical or domed caps offers a combination of features to help prevent cross-contamination, pipetting errors, and sample identification errors.

  • Attached caps that open and close independently.
  • Etched labeling (A-H) on individual tubes (visible when cap is open and closed). 
  • Dual side tabs for strip labeling.
  • Graduated 20 μL markers on each tube.
  • Available with domed or flat caps for PCR and optically clear for qPCR.

All Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers and PCR plastics are tested to help ensure optimal PCR performance and are “Engineer Approved”—designed and built for reliability and precision to provide optimal PCR results.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.