Which TaqMan Gene Expression Assay is right for you?

Choosing the right TaqMan Gene Expression Assay product depends on several factors, including the instrument and format of the heating block available to you and the number of samples and targets being interrogated.  Consider the convenience of predesigned and pre-plated assays to save time in the lab.

Over 2.3 million predesigned TaqMan Gene Expression Assays covering a growing list of model species have been predesigned using long-standing bioinformatics expertise in primer and probe design.  If you are studying a novel target or a non-model organism then you can use the Custom TaqMan Assay Design Tool to design and order a Custom TaqMan Gene Expression Assay to detect any gene from any organism.  

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Flexible formats

Choose from a variety of formats and configurations to meet all your different research needs. Whether you are looking at a single target or thousands of samples, there is a TaqMan Assay format for you.


Single tubes

  • Low entry price
  • Flexible
  • Run on any real-time PCR instrument

384-well microfluidic cards

  • Low cost per reaction
  • Optimal for medium to large projects
  • Run on Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 7 Flex & 12K Flex, ViiA™ 7, and 7900HT Fast real-time PCR systems

96- and 384-well plates

  • Optimal for small to medium projects
  • Balances flexibility with streamlined reaction setup
  • Run on any 96-well real-time PCR instrument

OpenArray plates

  • Lowest cost for large projects
  • Ultimate throughput
  • Run on QuantStudio 12K Flex real-time PCR system

If you are planning on duplexing or multiplexing, make sure that the reporter dyes you choose are compatible with your qPCR instrument model. Each instrument must have an excitation source to excite the fluorescent dye and a detector to detect the fluorescent emissions. The excitation and emission filters support different types of dyes, and the number of these filters can vary depending upon the qPCR instrument model chosen.

For gene expression studies, selection of a valid endogenous control is critical for normalization and corrects for inter-sample variation.  We offer endogenous controls in all formats to help you determine the best control gene for your study. 

TaqMan Gene Expression Assay selection tool

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