Simple and Easy! To identify the optimized Applied Biosystems® or Invitrogen™ real-time PCR reagent that’s right for you, find your desired application, detection chemistry, format and running mode for you.

Recommended qPCR master mixes by application

ChemistryApplicationStart with..
Applied Biosystems TaqMan*Gene
TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix
for 2-step
TaqMan Fast Virus 1-Step Master Mix 
for 1-step virus detection and gene expression 
Applied Biosystems TaqPath**
(Clinical-grade TaqMan)
TaqPath qPCR Master Mix
for 2-step
TaqPath 1-step RT-qPCR Master Mix
for 1-step
TaqPath 1-step Multiplex Master Mix
for 1-step & multiplex
GenotypingTaqPath ProAmp Master Mix
for human or animal samples only (for plant samples, please visit our Agrigenomics section)
Applied Biosystem SYBRGene
PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix

With Sample-to-Answer Kits, crude sample lysates can be used directly in real-time PCR or one-step RT-PCR. No nucleic acid purification is required:

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