Other real-time PCR reagents, controls, and kits

In addition to our qPCR master mixes, we offer a host of other reagents and kits to empower your research. Our comprehensive portfolio of specialty products will help you meet the needs of any application. We know those needs vary, so we offer more to get you where you want to go with the quality you demand, the certainty you need, and the efficiency you deserve.

Exogenous control reagents

TaqMan exogenous control reagents contain a pre-optimized internal positive control (IPC) with predesigned primers and TaqMan probe. The IPC can be spiked into samples to distinguish true target negatives from PCR inhibition.

Custom reagents

Our extensive experience and broad knowledge creating high-quality molecular biology reagents enables our team to provide cost-effective and robust solutions for your specific projects.

Calibration and verification kits

Quickly and easily calibrate and verify the performance of your Applied Biosystems real-time PCR system using our instrument-specific kits and plates.

ROX passive reference dye

ROX dye is a fluorescent passive reference dye with a level of fluorescence that does not change during the PCR process. It is effective in normalizing fluorescence across all samples by removing variations from the data, such as those caused by bubbles.

Lyo-ready qPCR master mixes

TaqMan Lyo-Ready qPCR master mixes are easy to lyophilize and fast to re-hydrate, ensuring consistency before and after lyophilization


MeltDoctor HRM reagents

Specifically formulated to deliver sensitive and consistent results with high resolution melting (HRM) applications such as SNP analysis, methylation analysis, and mutation scanning.


Sample-to-SNP kit

The TaqMan Sample-to-SNP Kit combines DNA extraction and TaqMan chemistry-based SNP genotyping in a streamlined protocol to provide results from any sample in less than one hour.