TaqPath ProAmp Master Mixes

High-performing, high-throughput master mixes for genotyping and copy number variation (CNV) quantitation, including inhibited samples

Features of the Applied Biosystems™ TaqPath™ ProAmp™  Master Mixes include:

  • Exceptional data quality—high specificity, dynamic range*, and reproducibility for genotyping and copy number determination even in the presence of inhibitors
  • Tolerance to inhibitors—compatible with samples prepared from human or animal sources (buccal swabs, blood, and card punches)
  • 72-hour pre-PCR benchtop stability—flexible plate setup for automated workflows, enabled by our propriety Dual- Lock™ Taq DNA polymerase hot-start mechanism
  • Multiplexing breadth—two formulations that enable detection of up to four targets per reaction
  • Excellent manufacturing consistency—manufactured in an ISO 13485–certified facility

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High-accuracy genotyping

Accurate genotyping is important when limited sample is available (ex: clinical diagnostic testing), which is why TaqPath ProAmp Master Mixes have been optimized to yield accurate and reproducible results even in low-volume reactions, with 1 ng input per reaction.

Figure 1 shows a comparison of genotyping accuracy vs. competitor mixes for the same set of Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan®  Genotyping Assays** using crude lysate from blood samples. TaqPath ProAmp Master Mixes have been optimized to provide highly specific allelic discrimination as demonstrated by excellent cluster separation in genotyping plots, whether your sample is purified genomic DNA or crude lysate.

Figure 1. Genotyping results from TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix (left) vs. other supplier mixes. Crude lysate was prepared from blood samples and used at a 20-fold dilution. Results are shown from three TaqMan Genotyping Assays used under standard conditions. TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix consistently produced accurate genotype calls and excellent cluster resolution across multiple assays. 

High-accuracy copy number quantitation

The versatile TaqPath ProAmp Master Mixes can also be used to enable highly accurate determination of copy number variation using purified genomic DNA samples. Figure 2 shows a comparison of copy number variation results using TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix vs. two other mixes. TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix is able to determine copy number accurately in samples with up to 4 copies.

Figure 2. Comparison of copy number variation results.
(A)CYP 2D6 intron 2 copy number quantitation using TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix (green) vs. PerfeCTa qPCR ToughMix (blue). Genomic DNA purified from buccal swabs using the MagMAX™ DNA Extraction Kit was used at an input of 10 ng per well, 4 replicates per sample. TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix yielded accurate copy number results, with values that were not significantly different than the integer values.
(B) Results from CYP 2D6 intron 6 copy number quantitation results using TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix (green) vs. KAPA Probe Force (blue). Genomic DNA purified from blood using the same method was also used as described in the top figure. TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix yielded accurate copy number results with values that were not significantly higher than the expected values.

General purpose reagents

TaqPath master mixes are general purpose reagents manufactured in an ISO 13485–certified facility and labeled “For Laboratory Use.”

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* Dynamic range is a property of both the assay and template concentration in the sample, as well as the formulation of the master mix; thus, individual results may vary.

** TaqMan Assays are for research use only.

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