Whether you are an experienced cell engineer, or need engineered cells for your projects, the Jump-In™ cell engineering platform can accelerate your projects by enabling you to generate engineered cell lines in much less time than traditional methods. The Jump-In™ technology helps accelerate stable cell line development due to the targeted integration of genetic material into specific integration sites using PhiC31 integrase.

Unlike the better-known recombinases such as Cre and Flp, PhiC31 integrase catalyzes recombination between two nonidentical sites and lacking a corresponding excision enzyme makes the integration unidirectional and virtually irreversible. In addition, combining PhiC31 integrase with R4 integrase allows for isogenic expression from a defined genomic locus, providing the ideal solution for comparative analysis of gene families, isoforms or orthologs. Depending on your needs and experience, we offer multiple options for accessing Jump-In™ technology, allowing you to choose the method that best utilizes your available resources and fits your desired timelines.

Jump-In™ Cell Engineering Platform

 Jump-In™ Fast Gateway® SystemJump-In™ TI™ Gateway® SystemJump-In™ Parental Cell Line KitsJump-In™ Custom Services
Helps save time and effort compared to traditional cell engineering methodsYesYesYesYes
Engineered cell line is isogenicNoYesYesChoice
Can use your preferred cell backgroundYesYesLimited to parental cell lines in catalogChoice
Requires generation of platform/parental cell line (with R4 sites)NoYesNoChoice
Requires clonal selectionOptionalYesOptionalChoice
Ideal when you need…Faster stable cell lines in your preferred cell backgroundIsogenic cell lines in your preferred cell backgroundIsogenic cell lines created with less hands-on timeExperts who can meet your project specifications and timelines

Jump-In™ Fast Gateway® System

Jump-In™ Fast Gateway® System allows you to generate stable clones in just two weeks by introducing your genetic material into your cell background using PhiC31 integrase to produce a highly positive pool of retargeted cells. Screen only 10 clones to find one with your ideal expression level.

Jump-In™ TI™ Gateway® System

Jump-In™ TI™ Gateway® System enables the creation of isogenic cell lines that express your gene of interest by having you initially generate a retargetable platform cell line containing the R4 attP sites in your preferred cell background.

Jump-In™ Parental Cell Line Kits

Jump-InTM parental cell line kits allow you to generate isogenic cell lines by providing a parental (platform) cell line with a single R4 attP site ready to be retargeted with your genetic material.  

Jump-In™ Custom Services

Reduce assay development and cell engineering project timelines by outsourcing your cell line development to our Custom Services team.

Let us craft a Jump-InTM parental cell line or the final engineered cell line meeting your defined specifications; while a dedicated project manager provides frequent updates on project milestones.

For more information on our stable cell line generation custom services, send an online inquiry.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.