Imagine the Beauty in Simplified Cell Analysis

Cell analysis made simple

See it to believe it—utilize high-content analysis (HCA) to address the diverse set of experiments and cell types that are emerging in cell-based assays

We have developed the Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 LZR HCA Platform that uses laser technology and its On-Stage Incubator to give you both the sensitivity and speed you need for imaging your live cells, along with the quantitative tools you need to measure the phenotypic changes in your sample in real time. New live-cell imaging capabilities are now available across all of our HCA instruments to enable you to better understand the dynamics of your cells in context.

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Count on ease

What if cell counting could be made more enjoyable and better than manual cell counting? We’ve added new features to the Invitrogen Countess II and Countess II FL Automated Cell Counters to do just that. These cell counters now feature:

  • Dilution calculator—displays the volumes of cell sample and buffer needed
  • Report generator—generates a report of results, graph(s), and images in a PDF file
  • Simplified workflow—saves protocols easily via the adjustments screen
  • Modified profile indicator—shows that the gating settings have been changed

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Five steps to publication-quality images

Want to get the most out of your fixed-cell imaging experiments? From preparing your cells for labeling to imaging, this brochure will help you obtain publication-quality images in just five steps.

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Count on efficiency

Download our application note to learn how you can use the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter with your CRISPR experiments to optimize measurements of transduction efficiency.

 Optimizing CRISPR-Cas9 lentiviral transduction efficiency and antibiotic selection measurements
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