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There are many gene expression solutions, and each technology provides value at a different stage of research. A typical workflow might consist of a transcriptome-wide analysis, such as biomarker discovery mediated via gene expression microarrays, or RNA sequencing. Another workflow, such as validation, focuses on smaller sets of genes or more samples, such as verification of results with real-time PCR. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the only provider of all three of these gene expression technologies, enabling your success with the ability to transition from one method to another at various stages of your research without a loss of biomarkers.

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Here’s what customers have to say about using these technologies

Tumor biology research

Dr Darren Roberts

“We use different technologies at different stages of the project. So, in the discovery phase, we want to have as much information as we possibly can. But as we progress through the project, we’re interested in developing a test that is clinically useful. So that puts a different focus on which technology you use at that time.”

– Dr. Darren Roberts, Department of Translational Radiobiology, University of Manchester, UK

Type II diabetes research

Dr Iain Gallagher

“One of the advantages to working with Thermo Fisher is the extensive portfolio of products that they offer… There’s an ability to choose the technology that best suits the particular kind of follow-up study.”

– Dr. Iain Gallagher, Health Sciences and Sport, University of Stirling, UK

Stroke research

Jeff June

“It’s been a great opportunity working with Thermo Fisher, from the beginning to the end of the development of our products. I think the support is unparalleled, which really goes beyond the products. I think what’s really kept us on track and put us on the pathway to be very successful in what we do is the combination of outstanding sales support, service, understanding of the products, and the ability to meet our needs as we build for the future.”

– Jeff June, CEO and Founder, Ischemia Care

QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR System

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The new Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Real-Time PCR Systems are designed with features to deliver a smart workflow experience:

  • Personalized—automatically load your settings and plate setup
  • Efficient—save time with hands-free operations; reduced downtime with Smart Help
  • Simple—streamlined workflow directly from touchscreen
  • Productive—access data anytime and anywhere; built-in help videos

Experience faster, easier qPCR in a compact design.

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Switch gene expression technologies without losing biomarkers

Switch gene expression technologies without losing biomarkers

This technical note shows the high concordance of data between transcriptome sequencing, gene expression, microarrays, and real time PCR. Data from a set of 70 differentially expressed genes across Applied Biosystems TaqMan Gene Expression Assays, Applied Biosystems Clariom D Assays, and the Ion AmpliSeq Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit had a high statistical correlation. Thus, results across these technologies are comparable. You can switch between technologies, have confidence in the data, and not have to worry about repeating your experiments.

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