Artistic rendition a DNA helix

As direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing broadens, the need for reliable and agile lab essentials grows

The digital age and the expectation of unfettered access to information is leading to enormous innovations in healthcare, including the rise of DTC testing solutions. What was once used to tell people about their heritage is now informing them of genetic predispositions to a variety of medical conditions, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

As consumers embrace the ability to learn if they are at risk for specific illnesses, the global healthcare community has more genomic samples to study than ever before. To ensure these samples are safeguarded, the FDA has shared detailed documentation of the methods researchers can use to collect, process, transport, and store genomic data safely and without bias.

To further evolve our labware portfolio and align with modern lab requirements, Thermo Fisher Scientific monitors both the scientific advancements, and recommendations and regulations.

Our sample storage portfolio also offers a variety of cryogenic solutions, including Thermo Scientific Nalgene General Long-Term Storage Cryogenic Tubes and Thermo Scientific Nunc Biobanking and Cell Culture Cryogenic Tubes, which are both ideally suited for storing high-value genomic samples at all cold room temperatures, including vapor- phase liquid nitrogen.

Genomics data has had a transformative impact on the life sciences and healthcare industries and it will continue to advance. The integrity of the samples being collected now may help determine diagnoses and treatments well into the future. We’re committed to help ensure that samples are protected at every stage of the workflow, helping scientists to reach that next breakthrough.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.