Outsourcing your screening, profiling, assay development or cell engineering projects can free up your valuable resources for more advanced discovery research and ultimately help save you money.

To make our services even more affordable to your lab, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the ACCESS Program, a simple, advance-scheduled program for consolidating projects into single production runs to streamline operations and, ultimately, reduce your costs.

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ACCESS is available for a number of Thermo Fisher Scientific services for discovery research.

How does ACCESS work?

For each of the above services, Thermo Fisher Scientific schedules monthly consolidated production runs on a pre-determined calendar.

Average Project Turn-around Times

Service ACCESS Turn-Around Times
Antibody labeling 1-2 weeks
Biochemical kinase profiling 2 weeks
Cellular profiling 2-3 weeks
BacMam virus production (no titer) 4 weeks

If the ACCESS calendar schedule does not fit your project timelines, utilize our standard SelectScreen or custom services to get reliable data on even faster timelines.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.