High Yield Transcription for Every Application - TechNotes 11(4)
Description: An overview of Ambion's complete line of products for the generation of capped/uncapped RNA, short RNA transcripts, dsRNA transcripts, amplified RNA, and milligram quantities of transcript.

New Tools for Small RNA Analysis - TechNotes 11(1)

Description: An overview of Ambion's products for the study of small RNAs. Includes the mirVana™ products for the isolation and detection of small RNAs.

Prepare siRNA and miRNA Probes in Just 1 Hour - TechNotes 10(4)
Description: Introducing our new mirVana™ miRNA Probe Construction Kit.

Rapidly Prepare Probes and Markers for Small RNA Analysis - TechNotes 11(2)

Description: The new mirVana™ Probe & Marker Kit provides a complete solution to quickly prepare and purify high specific activity radiolabeled RNA probes and small RNA markers.

Recombinant HIV Reverse Transcriptase - TechNotes 11(1)
Description: Ambion now offers a new reverse transcriptase that is more thermostable than M-MLV and AMV making it the superior choice for troublesome cDNA synthesis reactions.