Multiplex immunoassay kits for the Luminex platform

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Examining the levels and interplay of critical signaling proteins often leads to the identification of specific disease biomarkers and novel drug targets. However, the biology and complex interactions of these proteins in health and disease can only be appreciated when they are evaluated collectively rather than individually. Multiplex immunoassays have become a powerful and cost-effective tool for measuring multiple analytes in samples with limited volumes.

We have recently released three magnetic bead–based kits for use on the Luminex family of analyzers, including the Luminex 100/200™, MAGPIX, and FLEXMAP 3D systems. The Luminex immunoassay kits are designed to measure protein levels in serum, plasma, or tissue culture supernatant in a single day. With monoclonal antibodies for excellent reproducibility, these kits provide a fast, reliable, and accurate method for determining protein levels using small sample volumes.

Measure levels of six different cell adhesion molecules

While critical for regulating cell growth, differentiation, and migration in normal tissues, cell adhesion is also an important hallmark of inflammation. Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) play a key role in many pathophysiological processes, including cancer as well as cardiovascular, autoimmune, and other inflammatory diseases. We offer the Human Adhesion Magnetic 6-Plex Panel for measuring levels of six different CAMs simultaneously on the Luminex platform (Figures 1 and 2).

Line graph showing typical standard curves for the Human Adhesion Magnetic 6-Plex Panel 
Figure 1. Typical standard curves for the Human Adhesion Magnetic 6-Plex Panel.
Standard curves were created on the Luminex 200 System using the six recombinant protein standards provided in the Human Adhesion Magnetic 6-Plex Panel.
Bar graph showing serum protein levels of adhesion molecules in normal serum and serum from a patient with sepsis 
Figure 2. Serum protein levels of adhesion molecules in normal serum and serum from a patient with sepsis.
Data were collected using the Human Adhesion Magnetic 6-Plex Panel on the Luminex 200 System.

Detect protein markers for cardiovascular disease

Elevated levels of apolipoproteins, C-reactive protein (CRP), and fibrinogen have each been associated with cardiovascular disease. Apolipoproteins bind to lipids such as cholesterol and transport lipids through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. ApoA1 and ApoB are the major protein components of high-density and low-density lipoproteins, respectively, whereas ApoE mediates transport and uptake of cholesterol. Adiponectin, a hormone secreted from adipose tissue, is important in regulating metabolism. We offer the Human Apolipoprotein Magnetic 5-Plex Panel for measuring apolipoproteins, adiponectin, and CRP. Due to high endogenous levels of fibrinogen (requiring extensive sample dilution), we recommend assaying it separately using the Human Fibrinogen Magnetic Singleplex Panel.

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