How do I check out with my cart?

At any stage of the checkout process, you can:

  1. Click Continue Shopping to return to shopping.
  2. Click the back button on any checkout page to make changes.
  3. Click Edit My Order at the bottom of the Review Order page of checkout.

To start the checkout process, do the following:
Enter in any quote or promotion into the box on the right hand side of the screen

  1. Click Begin Checkout on any order screen and select your shipping and billing information.
  2. In the Payment Information section, select the payment method.

If you select Purchase Order, you must enter a purchase order number.
If you select Credit Card, the screen refreshes and you must enter a credit card number and standard information.

If you select Credit Card on File, the screen refreshes with your saved credit card information.
Whether you are paying with a credit card or purchase order, you can also enter in a reference number or contract in either section.

If you select My approver will pay, the screen will expand the Approval Routing drop down box for you to see your approver’s information.  If you need to add an approver you can search for an existing account or click on Add a New Approver.

3. If you would like a copy of the order confirmation to be sent to a second email address when your order is processed, go to Email Preferences and click on Additional Email Address and type in the additional address. You can enter up to 5 additional email addresses.

4. In the Cost Center & Invoice Codes section, you can enter information for your internal billing and costing, like a grant/project/department/business unit identification, a cost center/account, and a contract number.

5. Click on Special Instructions if you want to add comments to this order. Note: When you add comments to an order, the order is automatically put on hold so your comments can be reviewed by a Life Technologies customer care representative.

6. When you are satisfied with your entries, click Continue to Review. This will open a page for you to review all order details.  You will see your taxes and shipping charges as well on this screen.  Once you are satisfied you can click on Place My Order.  The cart will disappear from the cart list and you will see a printable order confirmation page that lists the order number and order information.