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Track orders/shipment

 Download the Order Status flyer

Use the online order lookup tool to quickly track your order status from shipment through delivery without needing to log in to your account.

  • View the most up-to-date availability information for each product on your order
  • Add additional recipients to receive the delivery email
  • Sign yourself and/or others up to receive delivery notices via text messaging

Or go direct to

Watch a brief video for step by step instructions

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Invoices and dispatch notes

You can view and download invoices and request a copy of your dispatch notes from within your account. Click Orders and then click on the invoice or dispatch note link.  

Report an order problem

If you are having an issue with an order and you need further support. Please share details of your issue here.

Return items

 If you need to return an item, click on Account, then Orders from the top navigation bar. Then follow the below steps.

  1. From the Recent Orders tab, find the order containing the item you’d like to return, and click on the Order Number.
  2. Select View Shipped Items on the Order Details page to display items contained in the order
  3. Select the Return Item button below the item you’d like to return
  4. On the Returns page, enter the requested information, and press the Submit Return button
  5. Upon submission, the return request will be reviewed by a Customer Care agent, who will contact you with the next steps.

View order history

To check your order history, click on Account, then Orders from the top navigation bar. In addition to your open orders, you can view any online or offline order placed in the last year and can filter results by purchase order number, order number, ship-to account number, or date range. You can export your order history to either XLS or CSV formats.