One Upgrade. Unlimited Opportunity.

Applied Biosystems™ Data Collection Software v3.1 provides the features and functionality that researchers have been requesting to take their research further. Powered by the Windows™ 7 operating system, our newest and most powerful data collection software for the Applied Biosystems™ 3500 Series Genetic Analyzers enable greater flexibility, efficiency and costs savings along with full user control over on-instrument reagents:

  • 96-sample polymer pouch minimizes polymer waste in lower-throughput labs and applications
  • 14-day stability for on-instrument consumables which minimizes consumable waste and possibly lowers the price per reaction
  • No consumable-based instrument hard stops, giving you control of how much and how long consumables are utilized
  • Use a single 36 -cm array for both sequencing and fragment analysis applications to help decrease sample processing times and driving laboratory efficiency
Additional feature enhancements offer:
  • Accuracy—a comprehensive dashboard delivers regular updates of instrument status and remaining days of onboard consumables
  • Confidence—improved spatial calibration in quality checks with added tests for peaks exceeding thresholds, helping to provide assurance in instrument performance
  • Security—optional SAE feature set assists in meeting more stringent requirements

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Start by updating your post-analysis software

To ensure that you can experience all that Data Collection Software v3.1 has to offer, an update is required for your post-analysis sequencing software. Please use the following links to download and install a free data analysis update.

Sequencing Analysis software download links:

Sequencing Analysis™
Variant Reporter™

Data Collection Software v3.1 documentation

3500 Release Notes: Data Collection v3.1 installation instructions for Data Collection v2 and v3 users
Data Template: Use this file as a template for storing data in Step 20 of install instructions
User Guide: Updated version of the 3500 Series User Guide including Data Collection v3.1 information


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