Accurate, reliable and flexible AST with the latest antimicrobials  

Accurate, reliable and flexible AST with the latest antimicrobials  

To effectively combat antimicrobial resistance, you need the right antimicrobials at the right dose. To improve patient care outcomes, you need faster, more reliable antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) devices. Whether you prefer manual or automated solutions, you’ll find the right fit for your specific susceptibility testing needs and volume requirements with the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ ID/AST System.

The Sensititre System is a scalable and flexible AST solution, accommodating microbiology laboratories of all sizes, which utilizes both in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and research use only (RUO), 96-well microtitre plates for broth microdilution. With instrumentation options that are designed to be modular, the Sensititre System can be adapted to meet the unique needs of individual lab space, workload, and budget requirements, and can help the microbiology lab provide results that reduce uncertainty for critical care decision makers, promote antibiotic de-escalation and antibiotic stewardship, and help reduce pharmacy costs.

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Make confident decisions with gold standard-level1 MIC accuracy for AST

Make confident decisions with gold standard-level MIC accuracy for AST

Obtaining an accurate minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) ensures the correct dosage of an antimicrobial or antibiotic to limit resistance. Some AST systems calculate the MIC value by extrapolating growth curves and applying dedicated algorithms. The Sensititre System generates MIC results based on the actual growth of the organism. An MIC based on direct measurement reveals whether a bacterial isolate is susceptible to a particular drug, how susceptible the organism is and the exact point at which the isolate becomes resistant. When comparing your MIC results against the latest clinical breakpoints from EUCAST and CLSI, you can trust the value of a direct MIC to deliver the accuracy required to guide optimal patient outcomes, and to track emerging resistance.

Consolidate your susceptibility testing on a single platform

With over 300 antimicrobials available in extended dilution ranges, the Sensititre System allows you to consolidate confirmatory tests while meeting FDA, CLSI and EUCAST breakpoint requirements.

Find the Sensititre plates to meet your AST needs


Harmonize surveillance AST with plates for AMR programs

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Over 40 veterinary specific antimicrobials and host animal-specific AST plates

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Sensititre Plate Guide

Sensititre Plate Guide

Download our guide to the full range of Sensititre AST plates and layouts in one document.

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