Count Control Particles

Calibrate and check laser particle counters

Validate the results of particle counters with Thermo Scientific™ Count Controls to make sure they are measuring particulate matter with utmost accuracy. This is critical wherever air, surface or liquid contamination is a concern and requires diligent monitoring. Otherwise, users risk working with potentially misleading and inconsistent data that could lead to costly, time-consuming errors. With a diameter traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), our Count Controls provide the confidence and paperwork required by QC that the particle counter is doing precisely what it is intended to do.

Key Applications

  • Instrument calibration and validation of particle counters using laser scatter, light scatter, light blockage, imaging, microscopy, and electrical resistance
  • QC checks for instrument problems and shifts in laser function, check the calibration curve shape, etc.
  • Monitor for particulate matter in the manufacture of parenteral drugs and ophthalmic solutions

Minimize contamination by eliminating the need for serial dilutions and extensive sample handling with Thermo Scientific™ COUNT-CAL™ Count Precision Size Standards, a cost-effective, convenient and easy to use product for validating liquid particle counters. Packaged in single-use bottles and intended to be sampled directly from the bottle, standards were developed for manufacturers of parenteral drugs and ophthalmic solutions seeking interim verification of USP 788 and 789 (Particulate Matter in Injections and Particulate Matter in Ophthalmic Solutions).

Meet the unique and demanding requirements of the contamination control laboratory in modern industries with Thermo Scientific™ Ezy-Cal™ Count Precision Size Standards, easy-to-use liquid particle count controls at 2000 particles per mL. Designed for regular use in liquid particle counters to verify instrument calibration before each use, standards assure reproducibility of the particle counter by permitting a continuous record of its performance using a NIST™-traceable microsphere suspension with a precise concentration.