Automated drug testing solutions in partnership with Mindray

Designed for today's fast-paced laboratories, the Mindray BS-480 and BA-800M chemistry analyzers are versatile workhorses offering mid to high volume throughput. The wide drugs of abuse testing menu serves the needs of clinical laboratories and criminal justice and forensics drug court programs. Thermo Fisher Scientific is the exclusive distribution partner of Mindray North America for these systems in the United States and Canada.

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Easy to use

  • Perfect for clinical use: BS-480 and BA-800M analyzers are US FDA Cleared and Health Canada Approved
  • Load samples and reagents and start testing
  • Samples and reagents can be added or removed while the instrument is running
  • Software guides the user's interaction with the instrument
  • Advanced detection capabilities:
    • Liquid level detection
    • Clot/Aggregate detection
    • Collision protection for the sample and reagent probes
  • Precise reaction temperature control: 37°C with 0.1° C fluctuation
  • Precise refrigerated reagent compartment: 2° - 10° C

Easy to maintain

  • Most maintenance steps are automated and performed by the instrument
  • Minimal maintenance steps, daily and weekly takes five minutes
  • First year covered under manufacturer's warranty, thereafter, annual preventive maintenance visit from field service engineer with Service Contract
Mindray BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer

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Mindray BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer

Mindray BA-800M Chemistry Analyzer

Accommodates mid-high throughput urine drug testing volumes

Throughput400 Test Results/Hour800 Test Results/Hour
Per 5 hours instrument Operation500-1000 Test Results1000-2500 Test Results
Per 10-Drug Test Panel, 5 Hours Operation50-100 Samples/Day
100-250 Samples
# Sample Positions90 Total; 60 are barcode readable440 Total
# Reagent Positions80120
Reaction Volume120 - 360 µL100 - 360 µL
Sample Volume1.5 - 45 µL, step by 0.1 µL1.5 - 35 µL, step by 0.1 µL
Reagent Volume
R1: 45 - 350 µL 
R2-R4: 10 - 350 µL15 - 300 µL, step by 0.5 µL 
Weight661 lbs.1430 lbs
Dimensions (W x D x H)45 in x 28 in x 45 in
91 in x 40 in x 47 in

Test menu

Having greater than 25 years of experience, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the most extensive drugs of abuse screening immunoassay test menu in the industry.

Drug TestsSpecimen Validity Tests
AmphetamineCotinineHeroin Metabolite (6-AM)Mitragynine (Kratom)*Creatinine Detect
BarbiturateEcstasyHydrocodoneOpiatesGeneral Oxidant Detect
BenzodiazepineEcstasy PlusLSD**OxycodoneGravity Detect
BuprenorphineEthyl AlcoholMethadone PhencyclidinepH Detect
CannabinoidsEthyl Glucuronide*Methadone MetabolitePropoxyphene* 

*For Criminal Justice and Forensic use only. **Available only on BS-480

Product Details

Part Number
BA49E-PA00002BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer, 110V, w/o ISE, with Barcodes, Glass Cuvettes, Water Drainage Module
BA49E-PA00001BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer, 110V, with ISE, Barcodes, Glass Cuvettes, Water Drainage Module
Part NumberDescription
BA81E-PA00002BA-800M module of analyzer (220V) with SDM and Barcode Readers, w/o ISE module (including II.2, and III.1)
BA81E-PA00003BA-800M module of analyzer (220V) with SDM, Barcode Readers, and with ISE module (including II.1, II.2, and III.1)