Empowering your lab in this new era of digitalized workflows

Applied Biosystems Diomni Enterprise Software is an on-premise workflow solution that connects all steps in your real-time PCR (qPCR) test development and routine testing workflows with one single ecosystem.

Experience the power of one

One connection

Diomni Enterprise Software combines instruments, assays, and consumables to streamline your workflow from samples to clinical results and lets you optimize the utilization of your QuantStudio instruments with the scalability to expand your test menu at any time.

One interface

Flexible, multimode workspaces enable labs to use a single, intuitive user interface no matter the task, from performing routine testing to using test development tools. The assay development file (ADF) workflow provides a consistent user experience, and laboratory information system (LIS) integration may reduce time-to-results.

One workflow

Extraction, assay selection, testing, analysis, quality control (QC), and interpretive reporting are all integrated in a seamless, end-to-end workflow that helps improve efficiency while reducing the potential for human error from manual steps, reducing turnaround time with results in approximately three hours.

In this new era of digitalized workflows, Diomni Enterprise Software powerfully connects the components of your lab’s qPCR system in one single, easy-to-use solution.


That’s the power of one.

A new era in molecular diagnostics testing is coming

One software connects it all

A comprehensive qPCR workflow solution that combines all aspects of the qPCR ecosystem, Diomni Enterprise Software links everything together in one unified, powerfully efficient system.

Streamlined efficiency from samples to insights

Diomni Enterprise Software connects an unlimited number of supported extraction and qPCR systems and streamlines the entire workflow from sample extraction through analysis, automatically delivering results directly to your LIS.

One solution to power all steps in your qPCR workflow

The power of simplicity

Plug in an off-the-shelf assay and start generating results immediately

One of the most significant advantages of Diomni software is the ADF, which encapsulates the run method, analysis parameters and algorithm, and call settings for QC and sample results. Lab personnel are no longer required to scrutinize lengthy instructions or manually enter test details into the software before each run, expediting setup and reducing the potential for errors.


Lab personnel simply add ADFs to the test menu, quickly expanding the range of tests labs can perform. This streamlined process saves valuable time for lab personnel, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.

Simply select the assay, define samples, and start run.

The power of flexibility

An open, flexible approach to testing for labs that run a variety of tests

In today’s testing environment, it’s more important than ever to have a flexible and open diagnostic system that can accommodate a variety of testing needs. With Diomni software, labs can run a wide range of test types, providing the flexibility to meet unique testing needs. In addition, labs have the flexibility to add or create assays for non–Thermo Fisher assays, giving them the complete control to choose the test or create their own to meet patients’ needs.

Diomni Enterprise Software is the perfect choice for labs that need to run a variety of different tests.



The power of efficiency

Faster time-to-results for increased throughput

High-throughput reference labs run thousands of test samples each week, and Diomni Enterprise Software’s automated QC checks and automated interpretation, which can be applied to a wide variety of tests, help labs significantly reduce data review time and achieve results faster. Routine testing operators can save more than two hours compared to the manual process of data analysis, allowing lab personnel to spend time on other important tasks. The built-in QC and interpretive analysis parameters in each ADF eliminate the need to export and transfer the data to a secondary analysis software, avoiding manual processing and maintaining sample traceability.


Diomni Enterprise Software can help labs achieve shorter turnaround time, which can translate to increased throughput.*

*Data on file from VOC




The power of connectivity

Focus on providing accurate and timely test results, not manual data entry

Without Diomni software, lab personnel must manually enter sample names and match them to corresponding tests in other downstream software, leading to increased turnaround time and the potential for manual data entry errors.

Today, labs benefit from Diomni software by automatically receiving sample information, test orders, and lab processing priorities from the LIS, helping to ensure that each sample is run with the appropriate test according to the test order. Once complete, Diomni software’s bidirectional communication with the LIS automatically sends sample results back to the LIS. Additionally, samples are tracked through the workflow, providing on-demand traceability anywhere in the sample journey.

The connection of Diomni software with the lab’s LIS, instruments, and network can help labs elevate efficiency with traceability from samples to results.

Workflow functionality

Diomni Enterprise Software offers advanced workflow functionality.


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., deidentifies all Diomni customer data prior to its use for additional services. Such deidentification is conducted in accordance with the standards and implementation specifications for deidentification established under the Privacy Rule of the United States Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, as amended from time to time (“HIPAA”).