Single-Tube Analysis Can Help You Avoid These 5 Common RT-PCR Challenges

RT-PCR is a method-of-choice for revealing target gene expression in applications ranging from virology to next-generation sequencing. A one-step process with Invitrogen SuperScript IV UniPrime – featuring a universal annealing temperature and colorimetric buffers – can help you avoid five of the most common RT-PCR challenges.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is one of the most well-known techniques in molecular biology. Vast improvements have been made to DNA polymerases, reagents, and instrumentation over the years. Have you kept up? Our new Tips & Tricks for PCR Guide infographic will help you stay up to date on the tried-and-true tips, cutting-edge tricks, and common hurdles you’d rather skip. Download the Tips & Tricks for PCR Success infographic guide. 

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A new podcast for the “scientifically curious”

The newly launched podcast, “Speaking of Mol Bio,” highlights trending applications in research for the scientifically curious. Listen into our conversations with CEOs, R&D scientists, researchers, and key opinion leaders around the world as we discuss how modern molecular biology is pushing boundaries in medicine, drug discovery, and more.  

Supporting exosome research with molecular biology techniques

The exosome has outgrown its reputation as humble cellular garbage collector as researchers learn more about the key roles these vesicles play in health and disease processes. This article explores how common molecular biology techniques can help isolate and characterize exosomes for study. 

In conversation with today’s brightest biotech innovators

Our “Biotech Innovators” podcast will introduce you to the stories of scientist-entrepreneur leaders who are making their mark in the life science space – from co-working incubators to coronavirus testing, to rare disease therapeutics and beyond.  

Webinar: strategies for greater efficiency in antibody expression

Learn how to get more of your recombinant antibody candidate from the same culture volume by optimizing the sequence and using advanced protein expression systems. Presented by Claudia Chiocchini, PhD, R&D Manager, GeneArt Services (Duration: 24 minutes)

eBook: The human microbiome frontier

The human body contains trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, archaea, and viruses. Until recently, microbes were studied primarily to understand their roles in causing illness. Read a collection of articles and insights into the future of microbiome research.

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