2023 Guide to Quantitative Western Blot Publication

What does a “publication-ready” western blot mean today to the top journals in the field, and what tips, tools, and products exist to help researchers get there? This comprehensive guide will help steer you through the process. From a list of common mistakes to a roundup of top journals’ submission requirements for blots and figure files, we’ve got you covered.  

See more, do more with your western blot imager. Get a preview of the latest features released in iBright firmware 1.8, including Smart Range HDR technology and colony counting. 

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Learn about emerging CAR-NK cell therapies

A new class of therapy focused on CAR-engineered natural killer (NK) cells is emerging in early trials to potentially help fill key cancer therapeutic gaps. Could these natural killers be the key to safe, “off-the-shelf” allogeneic therapies that would crack open a major bottleneck for patient access to cell therapy? 

5 Electroporation Publications that Changed Cell Biology

The new Neon NxT Transfection System offers optimized cell viability, excellent sample protection, and a simplified workflow. Need inspiration? Learn about 5 key research discoveries that electroporation technology has enabled in the past decade.

Grow Your Cell Culture Skills in Our Virtual Lab

The Gibco cell culture basics virtual lab is an online training experience to help you become familiar with the fundamentals of cell culture. Start here if you are new to cell culture techniques or need to refresh your knowledge.  Including topics such as laboratory setup, safety, and aseptic technique.

Multi-omics and Plants in Space: “Speaking of Mol Bio”

Join the “Speaking of Mol Bio” podcast for an intriguing conversation with Dr. Stan Roux from the University of Texas at Austin. Delve into his fascination with plants, his groundbreaking NASA collaborations, and how his research on signal transduction unveils the influence of environmental stimuli on growth behavior. 

Proven tips and tricks for ensuring the success of ELISA experiments

ELISA is a well-established method and still considered as the gold-standard technique when it comes to protein quantification, but there are tricks to improve your results. Learn from our experienced R&D scientist those best practices and tips to improve your daily tasks and to get reliable and accurate ELISA results every time.

App Note: Colony counting with iBright Imaging Systems

If you have an iBright Imaging System running firmware version 1.8 or higher, a recent software update has added on-instrument colony counting after imaging, with direct export to external drive, printer, or the cloud.

Automating cell therapy manufacturing

Looking to scale up your cell therapies, but not sure where to start? In this webinar, you'll get an introduction of Thermo Fisher Scientific's closed, modular end‑to‑end manufacturing process, as well as a demonstration how cell therapy instruments can be integrated, automated, and incorporated into existing workflows.

Overcoming Challenges in Nucleic Acid Isolation from 3D Tumor Models

Learn about the utility of two types of 3D cell culture models, organoids, and spheroids, in preclinical cancer research, the challenges in extracting high-quality nucleic acids from them, and how to overcome these barriers.

3D Tours

Learn about key instruments via 3-D interactive tours. 

ProFlex PCR System

Power Snap Plus

VeritiPro Thermal Cycler

KingFisher Apex Automated Purification System

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