Performance, robustness, and confidence at the throughput you need to support your oligonucleotide analyses.

When purity and characterization are critical to your work, you can rely on our anion-exchange and reversed phase column chemistries. For over 30 years, the Thermo Scientific DNAPac family of columns has been the go-to for high resolution U/HPLC separation of oligonucleotides. These columns have the performance and robustness to meet your oligonucleotide analysis needs so you can be confident in your data while meeting the throughput demands of your laboratory.


Oligonucleotide HPLC & UHPLC Columns

DNAPac RP HPLC ColumnsDNAPac PA200 & DNAPac PA200RS HPLC ColumnsDNASwift HPLC Columns

✓ Compatible with LC-UV and LC-MS/MS

✓ Offer ion-pair reversed phase separations of nucleic acid mixtures

✓ Oligonucleotide samples from siRNA to mRNA easily resolve on this polymer chemistry

✓ Deliver outstanding separations

✓ Compatible with LC-UV

✓ Strong anion-exchange columns for n, n-1, and n+1 separations of oligonucleotide samples

✓ Offer orthogonal separation to reversed phase columns

✓ Separate oligonucleotide samples by size and charge

✓ A monolithic column designed for strong anion-exchange purification of oligonucleotide samples using analytical HPLC

✓ High loadability, with slightly less resolution than our analytical columns


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Analytical and Life Science Webinars

Tips to improve your charge variant analysis by ion exchange

Learn about the common mistakes users make with ion exchange columns and ways to avoid those mistakes.

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