Food Microbial Confirmation & Identification

Confident identification of microbes for food safety and quality

Differentiate and confirm microorganisms for food safety and quality testing—in solid or liquid media at genus, species, and serovar levels— with a range of confirmation and identification products that use either biochemical or immunological characteristics.

Popular microbial identification products

Featured food microbial confirmation & identification categories

Obtain colorful, easy-to-read colonies and shorten incubation times so that you can make timely and important decisions in your food-testing laboratory.

Choose the right tool for your microorganism identification—from biochemical reagents and simple but accurate spot tests to ID panels with supporting software.

Select from a range of latex tests and agglutinating sera for clearing or confirming presumptive positives, with identification possible to genus, species or serotype level.

Choose from a wide range of prepared culture media, available as prepared bottles, tubes & bags in volumes to suit your workflow.

Choose from a wide selection of dehydrated media, available in a choice of pack sizes and tested for quality and performance.

Choose from a range of antisera covering hundreds of types and strains for serological identification by slide and/or tube agglutination.

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