Robust, solid designs

Reliability, modularity, ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership are of paramount importance. Thermo Scientific solid scanner designs assure accuracy and profile repeatability. Each scanner incorporates an embedded iBox processor and Linux operating system to provide fast, secure, robust measurement. 

Featured web gauging scanners

The Thermo Scientific Mark III industrial scanner is a high performance measurement platform for the complete family of Thermo Scientific online sensors. The solid scanner design combines stability, reliability and maintainability to ensure maximum life cycle performance. It utilizes the proven exoskeleton design, incorporating a tubular steel structure, which provides high stability and isolates internal components from the environment. The rugged design makes the Mark III an excellent solution for demanding applications subject to high temperature, moisture, dust and fiber.

The Thermo Scientific L220 Shadow scanner integrates a 6.25in (15.8cm) diameter stainless roll and is an adaption of our low profile L220 scanner, purpose-built for use with the Thermo Scientific ShadowMaster sensor. Its floating bearing design and stainless steel roll with inductive sensor minimizes the effect of temperature expansion and frame runout for the most accurate measurement possible. The L220 Shadow combines stability, reliability and maintainability to ensure maximum lifecycle performance and is an extremely rugged scanning platform with a low profile designed to fit into reduced space with minimal machine modifications. The distinctive design needs no adjustments and is precision machined for extended lifetime maintenance of sensor alignment, while the rails are completely enclosed to keep them free of dirt and to ensure that material cannot drop onto the sheet.

The Thermo Scientific Box Beam scanner is engineered to provide cross machine scanning measurement for Thermo Scientific sensors that work in reflection mode. This proven scanner design combines precision, reliability and maintainability to ensure maximum life cycle performance.

This single-sided scanning frame is designed for demanding applications where durability and performance are required in extremely harsh environments and uses a unique box beam mount design to provide protection for the drive components from the harsh environment. The mount has purge ducts available to allow for positive pressure to prevent ingress of debris into the drive system.

Video: Non-contact basis weight and thickness measurement gauges

Learn how Thermo Scientific web thickness and basis weight systems ensure the performance of flat-sheet materials in the plastics, rubber, lithium-ion battery and textiles industries.

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