Web Gauging Sensors for Thickness and Basis Weight Measurement

Accurate repeatable measurement

Meet stringent customer specifications and guarantee the quality of your products, while optimizing line investment and minimizing raw material waste. Thermo Scientific thickness and basis weight measurement sensors provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurement with superior signal-to-noise ratio. Each solution provides material savings and increased line utilization over a vast array of applications.

Web gauging sensors

Thermo Scientific Beta Plus transmission sensor provides accurate on-line basis weight measurements for a variety of web gauging processing applications. The measurement is based on the absorption of beta particles emitted from the source to determine the basis weight, resulting in best measurement and the best control for your process.

Whether you need a coating thickness gauge, paint thickness gauge or film thickness gauge, the Thermo Scientific PROSIS infrared process analysis sensor uses the full spectral range in the near infrared region to analyze materials on the line, providing precise, multi-component thickness data that improves production quality and reduces waste. 

The Thermo Scientific ShadowMaster direct thickness sensor provides accurate, non-contact online thickness measurement of a moving web. It can measure a variety of materials for greater process control, improved quality and increased productivity without calibration or regulatory approval.

The Thermo Scientific X-Ray Master weight and thickness sensor provides non-contact measurement of a material on a moving web. The x-ray absorption characteristics of the product are used to accurately measure its properties, enabling the sensor to deliver accurate, high-resolution measurement data over a wide product range.

Video: Non-contact basis weight and thickness measurement gauges

Learn how Thermo Scientific web thickness and basis weight systems ensure the performance of flat-sheet materials in the plastics, rubber, lithium-ion battery and textiles industries.

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