Web Gauging Platforms for Thickness and Basis Weight Measurement

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Manufacturing process control and repeatability is key to ensuring your products have superior quality, meet industry standards and are attractive to consumers. Thermo Scientific web gauging thickness and basis weight measurement platforms provide efficient production of uniform, reliable, functional products. Our technologies include infrared, x-ray, nuclear and optical measurements, plus an advanced controls portfolio and an intuitive operator interface, to give a unique insight into your process. Everything you need to manage your production.

Web gauging platforms

21PlusHD measurement and control system

The Thermo Scientific 21PlusHD measurement and control system for continuous web processing supports a comprehensive portfolio that offers over forty specialized application packages. The system consists of one or multiple scanners, sensors and a control system tailored to your application, ensuring a fast return on investment, through improved product quality process efficiency and raw materials savings.

IPlus! measurement and control system

The Thermo Scientific IPlus! measurement and control system is our reliable and robust value based system. Its advanced sensor technology and powerful software, packaged in an intuitive easy-to-use system provides users with high performance and a low cost of ownership. The system provides data to improve product quality and uniformity, process efficiency and raw material savings.

Video: Non-contact basis weight and thickness measurement gauges

Learn how Thermo Scientific web thickness and basis weight systems ensure the performance of flat-sheet materials in the plastics, lithium-ion battery, and textiles industries.

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