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This collection of gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) application notes, webinars, posters and other resources offers information on different sample preparation and separation protocols, sample analyses, workflows, software protocols, leading mass spectrometry technologies and much more. Search our GC-MS resources by scrolling through the list or entering a keyword.

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Find out how Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC-MS platforms combine high resolution GC with Orbitrap-enabled HRAM.


Learn how triple stage quadrupole workflows for mass spectrometry can be applied towards your test samples, both today and tomorrow.

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Application Note

Metabolomics Strategies using GC–MS/MS Technology

Application Note Consolidated GC-MS/MS Analysis of OCPs, PAHs, and PCBs in Environmental Samples Single Reaction Monitoring; Pesticides
Application Note The Optimized Analysis of the U.S. EPA Method 8270D for Semivolatiles (SVOC) by GC-MS MS analysis
Application Note Application of GC Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry for Untargeted Metabolomics of Pathogenic Microorganisms GC-MS
Application Note Low Level Quantification of NDMA and Non-targeted Contaminants Screening in Drinking Water using GC Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry Pollutants
Application Note Determination of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Fish Tissues by Accelerated Solvent Extraction and GC-MS/MS Pollutants
Application Note Round-the-clock, Online and Cryogen-free Monitoring of VOC Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air using GC-MS Pollutants
Application Note Multi-residue Analysis of Pesticides in Green Tea with Headspace SPME and the TSQ Quantum XLS GC-MS/MS Pesticides
Application Note GC-MS/MS Analysis of the Receptor-Sensitizing Natural Active Spice Ingredients Capsaicin, Piperine, and Thymol Food analysis
Application Note Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Herbal Products Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction with a Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System Pesticides
Application Note US EPA Method 527 — Determination of Pesticides and Flame Retardants in Drinking Water Pesticides
Application Note Analysis of Alkylphenols Using GC-MS/MS and Automated SRM Development MS analysis
Application Note  Increasing Productivity in FAMEs Analysis through Increased Selectivity MS analysis
Poster Multi-Residue Pesticide Analysis in Herbal Products Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction with a Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS System Pesticides
Poster Analysis of Multi-Residue Pesticides Present in Ayurvedic Churna by GC-MS/MS GC-MS
Webinar Data analysis
Webinar Pesticides
Webinar High Precision Pesticide Analysis in Produce using GC Triple Quadrupole and U-SRM Mode Pesticides; food safety
Workflows Metabolomics Strategies Using GC-MS/MS Technology Metabolomics

Fast and Sensitive GC-MS/MS Analysis of Trace Chemicals


Three-Fold Increase in Productivity for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Baby Food Using Fast Triple Quadrupole GC-MS/MS

Food safety; pesticides

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