Identify and validate your target of interest using siRNA collections with readouts to interrogate functional pathways, proliferation, gene expression analysis, and protein modifications.

To take full advantage of the potential siRNAs present to drug discovery, Life Technologies now offers convenient siRNA screening services that combine our validated siRNA libraries with our validated cell-based assays.

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Advantages of siRNA Screening

Validating novel targets or a wide-range of targets is challenged by the lack of known small molecule inhibitors for each target.  The use of RNA interference utilizing siRNAs provides a unique solution to this problem.

siRNA screening addresses a broader number of targets and achieves specificity through target-specific knockdown.  Adding siRNA screening to your early drug discovery screening programs can help to identify targets that traditional biochemical and cell-based screening and profiling may miss. 

Our Process

Upon receipt of your initial inquiry, a dedicated project manager is assigned to your project to streamline communication throughout your project.  Once the project requirements have been finalized by both parties, our siRNA screening process begins – with project steps summarized below.

1. Choose Target
Space (Silencer®
siRNA Library)

2. Choose

3. Optimize
Transfection and
Assay Format

4. Validate
Protocol on

5. Screen

Case Study

Custom Biology Services Team


With many labs facing resources restraints, our Custom Biology team offers institutions a powerful resource to extend their research teams.  Wholly dedicated to developing custom tools and assays, the team has the expertise to select an assay technology from the extensive Life Technologies toolbox and use these technologies to craft tools that meet your unique requirements.

Dedicated Project Management


From your initial inquiry through every milestone of your project, you can expect exceptional service and frequent, proactive communication from a dedicated project manager.  Your project manager will help ensure all parties involved in the project are aligned on project requirements, timelines and budgets.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.