Establish a strong foundation for your biotherapeutic development with early identification of genetic lesions and target sequences with highly specific qPCR and fragment analysis. Design and manage robust animal models using precise gene editing and highly sensitive digital PCR (dPCR) quantitation. Positive response biomarkers can be identified using a wide range of highly accurate quantitative gene expression approaches.


Target identification

Identify new potential genetic targets for your discovery of promising therapeutics by exploring genetic variability among influential biomarkers.

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Biomarker discovery

Propel studies of factors of prognostic risk, therapeutic response, and disease heterogeneity that may be influenced by genetic markers with gene sequencing.

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Host/pathogen interactions

Investigate differences among individuals regarding disease susceptibility, severity, and outcome associated with your biopharmaceutical.

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Scientist Spotlight: miRNA-based biomarkers and therapeutics for cancer

Jingfang Customer Spotlight

In this conversation with Dr. Jingfang Ju, he discusses advances in developing miRNA-based therapeutics and the value of gene expression analysis in discovering and verifying new miRNA-based biomarkers.

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QualTrak digital experience

Discover QualTrak qPCR and dPCR workflows for mAbs, vaccines, and cell and gene therapies across biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

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Monoclonal antibody development

Efficiently develop and characterize recombinant monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from discovery through clinical trials and manufacturing by incorporating genetic-level analysis into your workflows.

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Innovative support and instrument expertise

We support you with exceptional services, remote tools, training, and OEM expertise we’ve spent 40 years curating.

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