When dealing with tight timelines and a need to quickly screen a diverse set of media, our panel consultation is a great option.

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Gibco BioProduction Services understands how crucial time is for choosing the right media to market.  With this in mind, we’ve created a diverse set of five chemically defined Animal Origin Free (AOF) CHO media formulations for those in need of rapid access to a media library to test and compare (Table 1). These formulations are ready for further customization and with consultative technical support available from our media specialists at no additional charge!  Our scientists and technical engagement team are ready at every step to assist and answer questions to help shorten your time to market.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Completion of several design of experiments with panel formulations
  • Formulations can be easily supplemented upon request
  • Flexibility to perform experiments at your facility or ours
  • Formulations are easily scalable to cGMP production
  • Little to no investment

Case studies demonstrating how we help clients improve their outcome using our media panel approach.


Our Response

Value Delivered

Customer was experiencing pain point using competitor’s media.  Needed to improve productivity.

Gibco BioProduction CHO Panel approach recommended

Panel media improved performance of customer’s cell line

Customer experienced poor adaptation to catalog chemically defined media

Customized panel formulation to accommodate non-CD cell line

Customer was able to gain knowledge and expertise through consultations with Gibco BioProduction scientists

The media mixing design strategy uses five formulations that can be mixed to produce multiple conditions to test, depending on your resources and system capabilities (Table 1). No matter the number of conditions tested, our scientists and technical engagement team will be available at every step to assist and answer questions to help shorten your time-to-market.

Table 1. Example of media mixing design strategy to produce 21 test conditions.


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