Panel key benefits

  • Provides formulation diversity not found when testing catalog products individually.
  • Can increase the possibility that you will be able to narrow in on a nutrient composition that best supports your clone’s specific needs.
  • Protocol and study plan included to simplify your experimental design.
  • Technical support and consultation provided.
  • Analysis of results with recommended next steps included.
  • Access to additional testing, such as spent media analysis, to allow further optimization.

What’s new: Gibco Adherent Kidney Media Panel

Introducing the Adherent Kidney Media Panel, specifically designed to support Vero cells in vaccine and viral vector applications. Our nutritionally diverse offering provides you with a range of high-quality media solutions. The Adherent Kidney Media Panel can help meet your needs throughout the vaccine development timeline, from research to cGMP manufacturing. The panel offers diverse options to expedite your process at any operational scale.

Six, one liter media bottles filled with the different Adherent Kidney Media Panel mediums

Viral Vector HEK media and feed panel

The Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media and Feed Panel accelerates gene therapy development and production by providing media and feeds that cover broad variety of suspension HEK293 cells without being tied to specific transfection reagents or techniques. The ready-to-use formulations will help you identify an optimal formulation for your target cell line.

The importance of formulation diversity

With catalog products, limited formulation information is available, making it challenging to set up an evaluation that is truly diverse. The Gibco Media and Feed Panel Evaluations were developed with diversity in mind, providing you a panel of products that each have distinct formulation and nutrient levels, allowing you to quickly narrow in on the components driving increases in productivity and quality.

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