The Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel provides a diverse offering of media to accelerate gene therapy development and production. The media panel can be used for a broad range of HEK293 cells. It is not dependent on specific transfection reagents or on specific techniques.  As a result, the ready-to-use format can help identify a formulation for your target cell line that is optimized for higher titers, is scalable, and may be further customized to improve performance.

Throughout the evaluation process our scientists will provide technical support. Acting as an extension of your R&D team, our scientists will provide process consultation, data analysis, and a summary report to expedite media optimization and cGMP manufacturing.

What’s new: Gibco Viral Vector HEK Feed Panel

Confidently match the right feed with your cell line

The HEK Feed Panel provides a diverse offering of formulations to help optimize your viral vector processes. This library of feeds is designed for HEK cells and has been tested in multiple media, including the Gibco Viral Vector HEK Media Panel. The feeds included in the panel can help meet your cells’ nutritional needs for you to scale-up to production.

Scaling up with the HEK Feed Panel can provide:

  • Diversity—distinct formulations for various cell lineages
  • Simplicity—three ready-to-use concentrated feed formulations
  • Productivity—Potential titer improvement over batch
  • Expertise—dedicated field application scientist support through evaluation for customization, experimental design, and troubleshooting

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Viral Vector HEK Media Panel screen of one HEK cell line
Viral vector HEK media panel screen of one HEK cell line

Responses to the media panel vary based on HEK cell line origin and adaptation strategy performed. A HEK293 cell line grown in a chemically defined medium was adapted to the five media formulations in the Viral Vector HEK Media Panel and FreeStyle F17 Expression Medium. AAV2 titers were generated using triple transfection with a polymer-based reagent (biological triplicate performed). No titer enhancer was used to assess the effect of base media compared to the control titer obtained in FreeStyle F17 Expression Medium as indicated by the blue line (x=1).

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